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Mission Title

Our law firm works alongside with Mission Title to offer title insurance for your closings. Our law firms provides full real estate closing services throughout most counties in the State of Texas, including residential, commercial, vacant land, ranches and multi-story improved properties with the added advantage of an experienced real estate law attorney overseeing the transaction.  Our knowledge and expertise in real estate law is invaluable in handling real estate transactions. 

Mission Title

Title insurance involves the issuance of insurance guaranteeing good title to a buyer or lender. A title insurance company is a third party that works on behalf of both the lender and the buyer.  They are hired to research and ensure the title of the property, guaranteeing it is free of any encumbrances of title defects.  The business of title insurance consists of three basic functions:  a title search, closing the transaction (escrow), and issuance of a title policy or policies. 

As an attorney who is directly involved in the closings, we area a valuable resource for parties seeking guidance or expertise on certain title or closing issues.  If you have questions about Mission Title or title insurance, please visit the Mission Title home page, or call our office and ask to speak with Mary Longoria, our escrow officer, or one of our attorneys.


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