We Also Offer Full Title Services

Our law office truly provides comprehensive real estate legal and transactional services because we are also home to Mission Title. Our residential and commercial property clients come to us with both their legal and procedural questions. From the initial earnest money through the closing, we work hard to ensure a smooth transaction from start to finish.

We Take A Proactive Approach To Your Estate

Where possible, we prefer proactive due diligence on real estate contracts. We work with you, helping you understand all of the contractual provisions so that nothing gets lost in the fine print. For example, our commercial clients typically require legal counsel on applicable zoning laws as well as commercial feasibility studies. Although residential contracts are generally less complex, we still thoroughly review inspection and mortgage company documents.

We Offer Full Title Services

By working together with Mission Title and our licensed escrow officers, we can research the property for liens and satisfy your contractual obligations for the closing. We also assist with seller-financed transactions, where a seller who may not be utilizing a title company wants to ensure legal compliance with loan and other transactional documents.

We Protect Your Real Estate Transaction

Whether it is drafting the earnest money contract, preparing the real estate documentation or closing the transaction, we will make sure you are protected and getting the most out of your real estate transaction. We can help you with a variety of real estate concerns, even when you or your property are facing a threat, such as eviction, foreclosure or partition suits.

Contact An Experienced Real Estate Attorney

Whether you are starting buying a new home or entering into a significant financial commitment, you need to understand the consequences. From residential sales to commercial leases, make sure you know exactly what you are getting from your real estate transaction. To schedule your free initial consultation, contact us online or call 210-826-8885.