What Is Involved In Administering Your Estate?

A will allows you to direct how you want your assets distributed upon your passing. However, your heirs will not be able to immediately claim any probate assets you left them. Rather, Texas law requires the probate of a will to ensure its validity. That process includes identifying your estate's assets, satisfying any debts and taxes of the estate, and distributing assets pursuant to the terms of the will. Creditors may also assert claims against the estate during probate. Consequently, the process may take months or even years.

We Help You Plan Your Non-Probate Assets

Fortunately, not every asset must go through probate. Our law firm has helped many clients find the right probate avoidance strategies to fit their needs. We also advise that you name powers of attorney to administer your medical and financial affairs in the event of your incapacity. However, you should not make this decision lightly, as the named individual will have the power to step in and make decisions on your behalf.

We Fight For Your Rights During A Will Contest

There is also no guarantee that a court will deem your will valid, especially if other potential beneficiaries have contested the will. For example, mental capacity is one of the requirements of a valid will, as well as a common allegation raised in a will dispute. Challengers may also allege that your will does not reflect your true intentions, perhaps because you were unduly influenced.

We Take Proactive Steps To Minimize Estate Litigation

There are also proactive steps you can take to minimize the risk of estate litigation. An attested will is one strategy because the attestation formalities require witnesses to your competency and intent. Regularly updating your estate plan to reflect significant life events or other changes in your lifestyle is another. For the greatest peace of mind, you should work with an experienced law firm that can keep your estate planning documents in accord with the most recent legal developments.

Contact An Experienced Estate Administration Attorney

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